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Formed in October 2009, Girish and the Chronicles is a Hard Rock/Melodic Rock/Progressive/Heavy Metal band from Sikkim, India, currently based out of the city of  Bengaluru.

Known for soaring vocals, biting guitars, thunderous bass and pounding drums, authentic ‘80s Heavy Metal/Hard Rock sound, and electrifying live shows, GATC spearheads the Hard Rock culture in India, and has consistently done so for the last 10 years as well. With numerous press mentions involving their latest album - Rock The Highway (2020) across the world, the group has gained a cult following with 80's and 90's hair metal & rock aficionados. The group has supported bands such as Hoobastank, Poets of the fall, Destruction and recently toured with/backed the Lamb of God/Megadeth legend, Chris Adler, during his performances in India as well as been a part of various leading music festivals in India consistently.


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Datum / Zeit 23-06-2023 18:30
Standort Badi
Kategorien Konzert, Freitag

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